The primary educational mission at PBC is to create a learning environment that encourages the individual student to achieve professionally and academically. Our faculty and staff are committed to help each student to reach his/her potential in both intellectual development and business career skills. Our academic programs are intended to develop open-mindedness and a willingness to learn, so that our students will become effective and efficient members of their chosen professions and productive citizens of the community. PBC faculty and staff subscribe to the following: To provide educational and employment opportunities through concentrated, highly structured programs of study that prepare students for entry-level positions. To provide curricula that reflect the needs of a changing job market. To provide an opportunity for students to acquire the skills for occupational growth, including the understanding of employer expectations. To provide graduates with assistance in securing employment. To provide students with the skills and attitudes to continue learning throughout their lifetimes.



Professional Business College (PBC) originally was located in Rockland County. In the fall of 1990, PBC moved to New York City to the Chinatown community. With a deep commitment to meet the growing educational needs of Chinese and other minority and immigrant populations, our location at 408 Broadway. Over the last 10 years, with steady growth, our population has expanded and so in turn has our curriculum and services. Where we started and where we have been has given PBC a strong historical and community foundation on which we build who we are, where we are and what we plan to be in the future.